Princess Baby

Karen Katz tells and shows a charming story of a little girl who doesn’t want any pet names, except for the one that she really is. Being called names such as Buttercup or cupcake are not alright with her, and she makes it clear to anyone who will listen that she will not answer to those names. She dresses like a princess, twirls like a beautiful princess, and uses very polite manners, like only a princess will. As the story unwinds, the reader gets the picture. Baby is a princess, and will only answer to Princess Baby.

What little girl doesn’t love princess stories? They are even more loved when the princess in the story is much like them. An ordinary little girl who feels special, and thinks she looks very beautiful when she is all decked out in her dress up clothes, glittering jewelry, and shoes that shine. Pretending to dance with the prince, and being kind and generous to all her people, the Princess Baby offers many hints as to who she is, and how she wants to be treated. She uses manners that are fitting for someone as special as a princess to use. This is a story that will keep your young girls, ages four to eight, coming back again and again.

Princess Baby is a delight, and will enchant young girls, while also offering them a story they can relate to. Pretending to be a princess and acting the part as the girl in the story does, will make any little girl feel special. Reading is fun when the main character is someone who seems like you. Karen Katz gives us children’s books that are not only able to draw kids back for more, but also offer them something to make a part of their own lives, role playing and pretending. Now, every little girl can see how to be a princess by reading about a girl like them, who convinces everyone who sees her that she really is one herself. This book is charming to read, and something that every little girl in your life will love to have for herself.

Princess Baby

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