Presto Change-o

When fun times need to be had, what gets pulled from the shelves? Children’s books by Audrey Wood! Her stories are always a ton of fun, with plenty of room to exercise your imagination. Wood brings out magic, mystery, and sometimes a few lessons. She also does many of her own illustrations, occasionally calling in her husband or son for a change of scenery. However, in this book, she takes on the entire book to bring kids a goofy look at what happens when unpredictable magic gets out of hand.

Presto Change-o! Those are the magic words on these pages! Brother and sister have a great show. They do excellent magic. Until they start to think that they are better than one another. Brother thinks he is better. Sister thinks she is better. They’re out to prove it with all their zipping and zapping, magic wants and cloaks and words until Jiggledy Jog – mom has been turned into a frog!

Uh oh!

They realize they’ve made one big mistake. Mom can’t be a frog forever. Brother and sister will have to work together if they want to change mom back into her normal self. But can they stop squabbling long enough to do it?

Presto Change-o turn out to be some troublesome words when not wielded right! Once again Audrey Wood takes on the idea of sibling rivalry, only this time she goes through the use of magic. Sentences are relatively simple so that kids can eventually learn to read them on their own. Ages 3 through 8 can flip through this book any time and see magic at work, complete with a spooky forest, magical sparkles, and brightly colored clothes on the kids (because you can’t do magic in plain clothes!). Audrey Wood does her own illustrations in Presto Change-o, with her well-known, relatively simple style where the sister has tight corkscrew curls and frog mom comes complete with dainty eyelashes!

Kids will giggle and watch in awe as magic happens. A good read for siblings who tend to squabble – the next time they fight, mom can mention aloud how she’s glad no one knows magic!

Presto Change-o

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