Peeny Butter Fudge

Pulitzer prize-winning Toni Morrison brings with her son Slade Morrison and the illustrator Joe Cepeda to create this title. Adults will recognize Toni Morrison from her works such as Beloved and Song of Solomon. But Peeny Butter Fudge is far from the serious adult novels that she is known for. Instead, with her son’s help they’ve created a fun story about good times that happen when Grandma is around.

Nana gets an afternoon with the kids, much to their delight. Time with Nana means forgetting all about the schedule on the refrigerator. Nana has a lot more in store for them than television and naps! Nana tells them stories about fairies and creepy-crawly things. The kids get to compete with one another in hopping potato sack races. Then of course there’s the best part—making Peeny Butter Fudge! Dancing to music and making delicious, finger-licking fudge is the best time of all. Except Mama comes home to see the mess everyone has made! Will she be mad, or will she too succumb to the deliciousness of Nana’s fudge?

Children everywhere are likely to agree that the best part of this book is the Peeny Butter Fudge recipe in the back! Parents can cook away with their children and make their own tasty fudge (hopefully without the mess!). But when kitchen time isn’t an option, the story still offers up plenty of fun. Toni and Slade Morrison use snappy rhymes to tell the tale, and Joe Cepeda’s illustrations are full of bold colors and smiling faces. The home is full of laughter and happiness, something that readers are certain to pick up on and appreciate.

Childrens books that come with recipes are often a hit, and this one is right on the money. Only look out when reading this at night, or children might decide they should make some fudge right then! Parents will love it, reminiscing of their time as a child and cooking up a little tasty something in the kitchen with their parents. It’s a title that practically tells the meaning of life; good food, good fun, and plenty of love.

Peeny Butter Fudge

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