Pancakes for Breakfast

One of the most beloved children’s book authors, Tomie dePaola wrote many childrens books that have been beloved by families for generations, and that is no easy feat. While there are some books of his that have words and a readable story line, there are others that exist solely on pictures and rely on them to tell the story that dePaola envisioned. Pancakes for Breakfast is a story that shows that you don’t necessarily need words in order to tell a great story to children.

pancakes for breakfest

Pancakes for Breakfast is a book that is almost exactly what it sounds like. There is a little old lady who has decided that she wants pancakes, but unfortunately she doesn’t have the right ingredients to fulfill her pancake dreams, so she goes about getting the ingredients so that she can sink her teeth into some delicious pancakes.

What’s the most amusing for children about this story is that there are no words. They don’t have to read anything and can understand the entire book simply by looking at what is going on in the pictures. Many parents say that their children have to “read” a little bit into the book before they understand what is going on, but that they quickly put the pictures into a story by themselves. Pancakes for Breakfast is a great book that allows children to make up the words themselves, while providing hilarious photos and a wonderful story that any child, or parent, wouldn’t mind reading over and over again!

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