Owen’s Marshmallow Chick Book

For parents, teachers, and librarians looking for quality children’s books, look no further than the magic that is Kevin Henkes. Every story he writes is a treat and one that kids will enjoy for years to come. Almost every book Henkes

creates is il

lustrated by him as well, using his famous pen-and-ink outlines and filling them in with spirited watercolors that evoke happy thoughts when young eyes look at them and all their vitality. The fact that there are also little mice often jumping around on the pages helps too!

Owen’s Marshmallow Chick Book is a great book to bring out during the Easter holidays. When treats abound for kids, why not for Henkes’s little mousey friends? In this story, Owen is delighted to see that his Easter basket

is full of all sorts of goodies and sweets. He finds glossy jellybeans of all sorts of colors and flavors, and because those happen to be one of his favorites, he eats them up in a jiffy. Then of course are the sparkling gumdrops, tasty and chewy and delicious. Next come the butter cream eggs, so velvety on his tongue! Then he gets another one of his favorites, the chocolate bunny! So rich and scrumptious!

After he eats up all his yummy treats, all he

has left if the yellow marshmallow chick. It looks so much like his cozy yellow blanket! Instead of eating it right away, he decides to have some fun and plays with it all day long, and once Easter is over, he decides to pop it onto his shelf and gives it a little kiss goodnight. Of all the treats he received, that one is his true favorite.

Kids will thoroughly enjoy Owen’s Marshmallow Chick Book, though parents should be warned – reading this book will make everyone around hungry for Easter treats! Kids will love watching Owen jump around, gobbling up his mouth-watering goodies and playing with his yellow chick. Throughout the book, they will wonder – will he eat his last treat or save it? Bright colors and a bright atmosphere make Owen’s Marshmallow Chick Book a quick favorite any time of the year.

Owen’s Marshmallow Chick Book

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