Olivia Forms a Band

Most of us know what all ten little piggies did—went to market, ate roast beef, and “Weeweewee!” all the way home—but some little piggies do a whole lot more. The Caldecott Honor-winning pig Olivia is back once again, and this time she’s marching to her own tune.

When she first hears that there is going to be a fireworks display, she is quite excited. After all, one absolutely cannot have fireworks without music. But then she gets some distressing news—there won’t be any music. No band to play while the fireworks dance in the sky. That simply will not do. So she takes it upon herself to make one, using everything she can possibly find to make music. Even if it means using her father’s suspenders, her brother’s toys, and of course plenty of pots and pans. Now it will be a real celebration with a lot of noise!

Ian Falconer is the mastermind behind Olivia Forms a Band, the author and illustrator of several books featuring his special little piggy. Falconer was originally a stage designer, but his artistic skills led him to give his niece a gift featuring who else but Olivia. Since then, several books have been published, all adored by his fans. He uses a mix of media to create the illustrations, charcoal drawings sketch out Olivia, her family, and her surroundings, colored in here and there with bright blues and reds.

Kids ages 3-7 will cherish this children’s book, enjoying all the wacky things that Olivia does and the sort of silly trouble it gets her into (stealing her father’s suspenders reveals dad’s polka-dot boxers!). Parents can get kids into the mix of things even more by marching around the bedroom when Olivia does or starting their own band together. The whole family can enjoy thinking up unique ways to transform everyday objects into instruments.

No matter what you do, Olivia is the one little piggy sure to be adored by all members of the family. It is one book that can easily become a favorite for years to come.

Olivia Forms a Band

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