Olivia Acts Out

Olivia the famous pig is back in action and ready to entertain kids with yet another wacky adventure. The books in this series are typically written and worked on by Ian Falconer, but because this little piggy is now featured on the television, more picture books have been developed to tie in with the series. Olivia Acts Out was written by Jodie Shepherd and illustrated by Patrick Spaziante.

In this tale, everybody’s favorite heroine is excited to join in on the school play. She just knows she’ll take the leading role, and why not? She’s made for the spotlight! However, when the cast list is revealed, she’s disappointed. Instead of the lead, she’s only “Cow Number 2” and has one tiny line of “Moo.”

But will that stop her? Of course not! Not one to sit out on the sidelines, she’s going to do everything she can to get her place on the stage – front and center! Be prepared for tons of laughs when kids find out what she’s up to.

Fans of the series will likely enjoy this new story, even if Ian Falconer isn’t in charge of it. Released in November 2009, Olivia Acts Out is not the only one of its kind to be written by someone other than Falconer, so parents and kids alike may not mind the difference.

Patrick Spaziante does a good job mimicking Falconer’s illustrations, which may kids will appreciate (after all, it can’t be Olivia if it doesn’t look like her), and uses the same style and colors to match the original books as much as possible. Kids can expect to see her skip and jump in many of the same ways as she dons her cow costume. Jodie Shepherd also sticks close to the ideas the Falconer originally came up with, and does her best to give this favorite pig her regular rambunctious personality.

Olivia Acts Out is intended for children 3 to 6, though some older kids may also enjoy it. Parents will have a good time reading it to their children, and it’s best to prepare for plenty of giggles as you encounter Olivia’s shenanigans in the story.

Olivia Acts Out


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