Children everywhere are always on the lookout for a fun book to read. Parents are always looking for a delightful book that their kids will enjoy. Kevin Henkes has many titles that easily fit into those categories. Oh! is one of them. Entertaining and colored in soft, beautiful sweeping blues and whites, kids will be pulling it off their shelf to be read again and again.

A simple story, the first pages open to a lovely rolling landscape covered in snow. The flakes are still falling, and continue to fall all day and all night. When the forest wakes up the next day, everyone wants to play! The squirrel is first, peeking out of his little cozy hole in the tree. Eventually, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a flock of happy birds, and even two kids all end up rolling around in the fluffy white powder, having a grand time while the snow lasts. After seeing the dazzling snowflakes and the blanket of them over the ground, it’s no surprise that everyone is saying, Oh!

Henkes uses simple phrases and light words to show the story as it unfolds. He includes repetition of words, “Run, run, run, clever old dog” as the animals and kids play in the snow. The story introduces simple words as well as an interesting array of different words to describe the animals and kids. While the dog is clever, the cat is brave, and the squirrel is quick.

Though Henkes usually does his own illustrations for his children’s books, this time he teams up with Laura Dronzek. Dronzek’s illustrations are sure to elicit a sense of wonder and joy in both parents and kids alike. The rich blues of the sky and gentle shades playing over the rolling snowy hillsides, along with the softly colored animals and the coats of the children are all delightful. Ideally for kids ages 3 to 6, it is a great read during the winter seasons, especially when there is snow on the ground. Oh! is the sort of book that mom or dad can curl up with their little ones and read on a cold snowy night, complete with cups of hot cocoa and yummy marshmallows!



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