Officer Buckle & Gloria

officer buckle and gloria

No one ever accused Officer Buckle of being entertaining.  While he means well, this rotund gent is just dull, dull, dull!  His assemblies don’t do anything but make kids want to go sleep, sleep, sleep!  While what he has to say is important (he is trying to teach school children very important safety tips), his message is often lost  because he’s just so darned boring. That is, until boring Officer Buckle became exciting and fun Officer Buckle & Gloria.

In the delightfully humorous “Officer Buckle & Gloria” by childrens books author Peggy Rathmann, police dog Gloria saves the day when she is invited along on one of the roly-poly officer’s school day visits when she begins to playfully pantomime each of the safety tips as Officer Buckle talks about them.  The children are delighted and the officer is unaware, thinking the cheers and laughter are all for him.  One look at the lush illustrations of this beautiful story, and you will have no doubt as to why “Officer Buckle & Gloria” won the coveted Caldecott Medal for picture books in 1996.

After Gloria joins the show, school safety increases tremendously and the duo are much sought after until Officer Buckle learns of the joke and allows his feelings to get hurt.  Rathmann’s lush illustrative style captures everything in a picture perfect way that children of all ages are sure to love for years to come while learning valuable lessons about safety that they won’t soon forget -thanks to the adorable police dog named Gloria!


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