Night-Night, Little Pookie

Bedtime is often a favorite time of day for parents. Most families have a special routine they complete before tucking their little ones into bed. Bath, songs, and bedtime stories are some of the most common bedtime rituals. But there is no need to wear out the same bedtime stories. It’s time to add the newest book by Sandra Boynton, Night-Night, Little Pookie to the list. It is a must read for bedtime and sure to become a favorite.

Night-Night, Little Pookie is the third in the series with Little Pookie as its main character. The other books: Let’s Dance, Little Pookie and What’s wrong, Little Pookie? follow the main character through other every day activities in the life of a preschooler. Young readers familiar with the character Little Pookie will enjoy watching him ease into bedtime. Toddlers and preschoolers will relate to the bedtime rituals that they also have to go through. Caregivers will enjoy the story as it progresses and can use it to teach their own little ones about bedtime.

The 18 page durable board book features simple drawings of Little Pookie, a pig, while he prepares for bed. The illustrations capture the moment with humor and simplicity. The simple rhyming text is easy to follow for even the youngest child. Soon little ones will be saying the text right along with the adult reader.

Sandra Boynton, author of over forty books for children, is a perennial favorite of children and adults. Her well-crafted yet simple stories tackle many of the everyday activities like bed time, bath time and bed moods that preschoolers experience. Her humorous rhyming stories keep kids coming back for more and make parents, grandparents and caregivers happy to add her books to their libraries.

Childrens books often find a place in a child’s heart that long outlives childhood. Night-Night, Little Pookie is just that kind of book. It is more than just the words on the page it will conjure up the feelings of quiet bedtime rituals. As children become adults they will remember the book and may even read it to their own children one day in the future.

Night-Night, Little Pookie

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