My Trip to the Hospital

The Little Critter series never seems to run out of stories, all thanks to its fantastic creator, Mercer Mayer. Mayer has written Little Critter books since 1975, and ever since then, the little guy has become a favorite character among children everywhere, with his simple tales and funny illustrations being a source of smiles and laughter. Little Critter always wants to help and have fun, but sometimes he has to do other things, such as in My Trip to the Hospital.

Little Critter loves to play soccer, but sometimes play can get a bit rough. When there’s an accident as he plays a big game, he has to go to make a trip to the hospital to have his leg looked at by the doctor. He’s nervous about going to the hospital and his leg hurts. But he keeps a brave face all throughout the visit. First he has a chance to reach the emergency room in an ambulance, then he has see the doctor, and then he needs to get some x-rays so the doctor can see what his bones look like. Finally, they wrap up his leg in a cast and Little Critter can rest easy so his leg heals. In the end, he realizes he didn’t have to be too afraid of visiting the doctor, and is glad because now his leg feels better than it did before.

My Trip to the Hospital is a great book for easing children’s fears when they have to go on a visit themselves. Mercer Mayer does a wonderful job of showing the doctor’s office, the people that work there, and many of the interesting things that doctors may do with kids while they are there for a visit. Even something that can seem scary like x-rays turns out to be pretty cool, and Little Critter feels good after his visit. My Trip to the Hospital is great for reading any time, though it may work best just before a doctor visit.

Childrens books that help kids get over their fears are always welcome, and for Mayer’s simple phrases and funny illustrations are always sure to put kids at ease.

My Trip to the Hospital

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