My Silly Body

Everyone has a body. Each and every person has one and it does certain things and acts in certain ways. So what better way to learn about it than to explore it thoroughly, inside and out, with the best book companion choice to be had?

My Silly Body features both an interactive event and a book. The body is actually a life-size figure that kids can unfold and examine to their heart’s content. There are tons of places to flip up flaps to learn about the inner workings of the human body, from bones to blood vessels, muscles to nerves. Everything our forms have to offer can be found here, where kids will not only learn but be entertained the entire time they absorb all the information to be had.

My Silly Body is also a book, a 64-page one that covers all sorts of aspects about humans. It’s full of illustrations, but also quality information, jokes, and even experiments. Kids will have a great time learning and figuring out all the different things this book has to offer, such as why germs and other icky things don’t stand a chance in the bloodstream or how the digestive system works from start to finish.

Paul Hanson has created other interactive picture books and items such as My Granny’s Purse that kids have long since enjoyed, and Eric Nagourney is a health writer for The New York Times. Together, these two have created a book full of true and wacky information that kids will leap into with relish. Because both authors also have children, they’re well aware of all the questions, big and small, that kids can come up with about their bodies.

With so much to learn and to experience, My Silly Body will keep children entertained for hours, if not days. For ages 4 to 8, even kids older than this will be able to learn a little extra something. Instead of just sitting and reading, kids can do all sorts of things with this title and it will take a long time before they tire of it.

My Silly Body


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