My Little Red Fire Truck

With similar titles of My Little Red Toolbox and My Little Yellow Taxi under his belt, Stephen T. Johnson is back again with yet another fun and functional book, My Little Red Fire Truck. A simple glance at this book would not tell you all that you needed to know. Indeed, this is a case of making sure not to judge a book by its cover. When the author is a Caldecott Honor winner, it pays to give this title the extra attention it deserves.

My Little Red Fire Truck is almost as much a toy as it is a book. The cover simply makes it seem as though readers are about to enter the world of fire trucks, and though they do, it’s in a highly unexpected way. Instead of a story about a truck or something similar, Stephen Johnson showcases all the different parts and items that can be found inside of the truck. Not only does Johnson explain in very clear wordage what these things do and how to work the truck, but gives kids hands on time as well!

Picture books are very seldom 3D in any sense of the term. But My Little Red Fire Truck takes things to the next level. There are 10 pop-out tools for kids to handle and play with. There are 4 bolts as well as 4 wheels that turn around and around. Inside is a slate that children can write, erase, and write some more on. There is even a red light and rotates so kids can make sure everyone knows when the fire truck is coming through. When they do, they’re certain to ring the bell just in case. The book also has a walkie-talkie and a radio that children can interact with. This book does just about everything a real truck can!

Children 3-9 will have hours and hours of fun playing with all the gadgets and bells and whistles. Parents may even be surprised at everything this book can do—especially since it is still a book at heart. There is still plenty to learn within its pages.

My Little Red Fire Truck

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