My Heart is like a Zoo

In his first book, Michael Hall creates a story of 20 animals in a zoo to relate feelings and emotions. The animals are all made out of hearts, and each page has a rhyme to compare a feeling. My Heart is like a Zoo takes us on a stroll through the zoo and on a tour of the animals and our emotions. The idea is that there are many facets to our hearts and that our emotions are expressed in many different ways. The heart-shaped animals bring that concept to life both literally and figuratively.

Childrens books are a great way to expose kids to concepts that may be hard to communicate. Children are visual learners that benefit from easy-to-understand stories and concepts. The added fun of trying to find all of the 300 hearts in this book makes it an interactive tale that small children will love.

Michael Hall is a graphic designer that brings the tale to life. The art in the book is fairly basic. Each animal is created out of hearts that are positioned at different angles. The story is a simple one that gets its point across fairly easily. It’s easy to see Hall’s inspiration in using the graphic image to convey a message. The bright colors and digital images will appeal to young eyes.

My Heart is like a Zoo is a great book to give as a gift around Valentine’s Day. The hearts aren’t too overt, making it a book that can be read year-round. The concepts of love and self-acceptance are important lessons for children. This book makes them easy to understand in a way that will make them feel good about themselves. As they go through and look at the animals and hear about how they compare to their animal counterparts, children will get connected to nature and learn that animals have feelings and emotions just like us.

My Heart is like a Zoo is a simple book that is destined to become a popular bedtime story as well as a good choice for reading to groups of kids.

My Heart is like a Zoo

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