Mr. Lincoln’s Way

Most of the time, kids are not big fans of their school principals. In fact, it is a rare thing for kids to support their principals the way that the kids in Patricia Polacco’s book Mr. Lincoln’s Way do.

But Polacco paints a picture of a principal that no kid could dislike, and shows it in a very unique way.

Mr. Lincoln’s Way stars Mr. Lincoln himself, a principal who jumps rope with the kids and leads them on nature walks. He’s very involved with all his students, and his exuberance is catching. The kids think he knows how to do just about everything and think he’s the best principal ever. Except one boy named Eugene. The other kids call him Mean Gene because he acts so awful toward everyone, especially if they’re different. A bully to other generic name of zithromax kids and disrespectful to his teachers, Mean Gene viagra online for sale is even rude to Mr. Lincoln. He says racist things and calls people nasty names, but through it all, the principal believes that Eugene isn’t really a bad kid; he is really just repeating things he has heard in his home. viagraonline-toptrusted But now his biggest challenge is to teach Eugene about the hurtful things he says and figure out a way to turn Mean Gene into more tolerant person. Maybe if he uses Eugene’s love of birds…
Mr. Lincoln’s Way displays a unique approach toward handling racism and intolerance. Through Patricia Polacco’s active prose to her expressive illustrations, kids can learn a small lesson and see how other people tackle tough situations. Parents and teachers will have to decide how to handle some of the racial slurs mentioned in the book when it comes to their own kids, as this book cialis patient assistance is intended for ages 6 to 9.

But the illustrations are truly top notch with plenty of emotive moments and close attention to detail. Polacco’s children’s books have been around for years, and she has always carefully intertwined serious subjects tadalafil online into positive tales for kids. nitric oxide with cialis This is yet another example of her hope in teaching children important lessons that they’ll be interested in reading about – even if they don’t realize there’s a lesson involved.

Mr. Lincoln’s Way

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