More Pies!

More Pies! is the story of a hungry little boy named Samuel. He gobbles lots,

some more and even more

food but is still hungry. His mom tries

to appease his incessant hunger, but seems his stomach is always empty. No matter what she does, Samuel is always

starving. He works his way through pancakes, cereal, milkshakes, and even fried chicken. It’s this insatiable hunger that makes the premise of what is certain to become a classic, funny story your child will want to hear again and again. The humor in More Pies! lies in the absurdity of the situation. As told through the wonderful illustrations by Michael Martchenko, this little boy with the insatiable hunger enters a pie eating contest at the urging of his little brother after his mom finally gets fed up with his hunger. He vies for the prize against a construction worker, fireman, and lumberjack. As the contest begins, Samuel quickly slurps up his first blueberry pie. Then two peach pies. Then three cherry pies. Samuel quickly eats all his worthy contestants under the table—literally. All his opponents turn blue and fall under the table. Samuel wins a prize pie and rushes home on the bus to show his mother. But when Samuel gets home, he finds his hunger has been cured when he can’t face the thought of eating a slice of the home-baked pie his mother offers him. All of Robert Munsch’s picture books center on a particular child or children in some kind

of messy situation. The premise always starts out with something believable and quickly turns into mayhem and hilarity. While the progression of the story is easy to guess, there’s always a twist at the end which children really enjoy. In this case, Samuel’s little brother goes on to become the pie eater in the family. Young readers and listeners will love the repetition in this jolly story. This choice is particularly good for preschool kids through the early elementary grades, as not only is the story intriguing enough to capture younger readers, but it’s also easy enough for early readers to tackle.

More Pies!


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