For many, many years Audrey Wood has created stories that engage the minds of children. Her tales span time and reach into a far range of subjects. Her stories teach, counting and the alphabet, and they also entertain with tales of adventure and fa

ncy. Though Audrey Wood has a knack for illustrations, she often teams up with Don Wood, her husband, whose skills are always impressive with the amount of detail and attention to lighting that he can offer.

Moonflute is a lovely book full of the Woods’ imagination and gorgeous pictures. A young girl named Firen is restless at night as she wonders where her sleep has gone. She believes that perhaps the moon has stolen it and decides that the only way to

get it back is to go out and look for it. When a moonbeam transforms into a flute in her hands, she uses it to fly through the night in search of her elusive sleep. She sees many things during the night, from cats fussing at each other in the town to a deep jungle to the beauty of the ocean. Many readers may find themselves much more interested in what Firen finds through her journey than whether or not she finds her sleep.

Audrey Wood weaves a fascinating children’s book full of rich description, thoughts from Firen, and an entrancing story that kids will follow with each and every word. Though this book

is intended for kids 4 to 8, there is a lot of text so most families will find that reading aloud is a solid choice. Possibly even more so since Don Wood’s illustrations are stunning and kids will be much too busy gazing at them than the words!

Each page with one of Wood’s illustrations will keep readers’ eyes dazzled. Firen is pale like moonlight itself, and almost seems like a fairy child or other ethereal creature only found in magical forests. The images are soaked in beautiful nighttime colors; muted greens, rich blues, dark purples, and sparkling white. Dreamy and wonderful, this is a title that both children and adults will enjoy reading right before bedtime.



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