Moira’s Birthday

All of Robert Munsch’s childrens books are popular with children as they celebrate kids and the world they live in. This one, however, is one book that will be a universal favorite of every child as it deals with one of childhood’s greatest joys—birthdays! Every child wants to celebrate their special day with friends, family, presents, and cake – not to mention, the ice cream!

In Moira’s Birthday, Moira wants to have a birthday party. She wants to invite every grade, including Kindergarten. Her parents, of course, tell her to limit her invitations to six children only. Well, when Moira gets to school, she finds her birthday party has already gotten out of control. She ends up inviting every grade—including Kindergarten! Adults will relate to the weary parents when the guest list tops 200! So what can they do but order 200 pizzas and 200 birthday cakes! There are kids everywhere…even on the roof!

Luckily, at Moira’s birthday, she receives 200 presents and from the cash she is able to pay the enormous bills for the pizza and cake. The parents are pooped, but Moira isn’t a bit deterred—she wants to do it all again tomorrow. She had so much fun, enjoying having all her friends and classmates around her to celebrate her special day.

One of the delights of this book is the repetition Munsch uses. Children love the repetitive numbers and words and can figure out where the story is going. Who wouldn’t love thinking about having 200 friends (with presents!) attending a party just for you? Of course, Moira’s parents have to do all the work, but that doesn’t really enter the picture. Children will love imagining what it must have been like to have 200 pizzas, birthday cakes, and friends on the roof! It will sound like tons of fun to them. Parents, watch out for your youngster’s next birthday plans after reading this book!

Moira’s Birthday is filled with hilarious and vivid watercolors by Michael Martchenko. The illustrations tell more of the story and children enjoy hunting for silly details on every page. Anyone who has a birthday will want to read this book!

Moira’s Birthday


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