Mmm, Cookies!

Any adult who has ever been asked to eat a clay dough cookie and any child who has ever made one will love Mmm, Cookies! by Robert Munsch. Christopher, the mischievous little boy in Mmm, Cookies!, makes a red clay cookie—nice and round and sprinkled with sugar, icing and raisins—and brings it to his

mom. What he fails to tell her is that it’s a fake cookie and she eats it, much to his delight. She screams, “YUCK! PWAH! SPLICHT! PLAY CLAY! GLA-GLA-GLA-GLA!” Then, he offers another of his red creations to his father, who also eats it, to Christopher’s delight. Dad also screams, “YUCK! PWAH! SPLICHT! PLAY CLAY! GLA-GLA-GLA-GLA!” When Christopher arrives at school, he has no idea that his parents have warned the teacher of his prank. While he’s at recess, she decides to give him a taste of his own medicine. The teacher makes a clay cookie and leaves it on his desk! This very likeable story rounds out

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with the whole class making one gigantic real cookie for Christopher’s parents. They cringe when it arrives wondering what exactly it might be made of. Is it red clay or should they take a chance that it is real? What has gone on in Christopher’s classroom that day? Mmm, Cookies! will tickle any child who has hoped an adult will really eat their clay creations and not just pretend. Adults will laugh at the absurdity and chuckle at the utter silliness of this story. It’s often fun to play pranks on others, but not so much when the tables are turned. This hilarious story can also teach children, sometimes perhaps inadvertently, not to do to others that which you wouldn’t want done to you. This is another of Munsch’s children’s books with a predictable repetition that children enjoy. The wonderful sounds Munsch has used for the parents’ reactions to the cookie eating will make children giggle. Watercolors by Michael Martchenko are over the top and allow children to hunt for extra details. Children will surely want to try playing their own prank with the included clay dough recipe. So, parents, watch out!

Mmm, Cookies!


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