Milo and the Magical Stones

The best way to get young kids reading is through a good children’s book with action and adventure. The drama and intrigue make them want to keep reading and teach them how exciting it is to read a good book. The tale will keep them wanting more and anticipating the next page.

Milo and the Magical Stones is the tale of a mouse who, upon going into a dark cave for the winter, discovers a magical, glowing stone that provides warmth. All the other mice want stones as well. They are cautioned that the stones belong to the island, and if they take them, they have to give something back. The reader then hits a crossroads in the story where they have to make a choice about the ending. They can choose either the happy or sad ending to the book. The happy ending leads them on a path of giving back and understanding the precious resources of nature. But if they choose the sad ending, they are thrust into a world of greed. The pages are split in two, and the reader has the ability to choose the one they want to read.

The story goes a long way towards teaching kids to preserve nature and respect it. Regardless of the ending they choose, they get to learn the consequences of their actions. Using mice and magical stones to convey this important message brings it down to the level that a 4-8 year old can understand. Not only is the message one of environmental responsibility, but it also teaches social responsibility.

Marcus Pfister is the author and illustrator of this book. He is well-known for his Rainbow Fish series. He’s an accomplished artist who brings this story to life through his use of water colors. He lives in Switzerland but manages to write books that children around the world can relate to.

Not only does this book offer action and adventure, but it allows the reader to choose the ending and learn a valuable lesson at the same time.

Milo and the Magical Stones

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