Sometimes just one small thing can make a huge change. Patricia Polacco has been writing picture books for kids for over 20 years, each one of them a delight for children to read and for adults to read with them. Her stories range from simple and heartwarming to those with complex themes such as diversity and acceptance and different cultural backgrounds. Polacco often takes stories from true life as well as her own past and transforms them into fun tales for kids, though she is not above using her imagination and making up silly stories that encourage children to do the same.

Meteor! is one of those books where a seemingly simple and uneventful thing happens, but it actually unleashes a chain of exciting events. Here, a small town in Michigan minds its own business. People tend their farms, and Grandma and Grandpa Gaw have a nice, quiet life. Until one day a meteorite comes crashing down from the sky and hits their front yard! Grandma and Grandpa Gaw are not exactly sure what to make of it, but it seems like everyone else does! Suddenly the Gaws find themselves in the middle of a hullabaloo

all centered on the meteorite, and suddenly their quiet farm life is not so quiet anymore.

Patricia Polacco indulges kids with her illustrations in Meteor! even as she brings them a fun story that is sure to draw a few giggles. Grandma and Grandpa Gaw gape and wonder at all the fuss made over the piece of space rock, and exuberant things such as a marching band come traipsing through the town, full of life and color. Polacco fills the page with vibrant paints and markers to really bring across the kind of excitement that the Gaws are experiencing, that way kids can experience it too.

Ideally for ages 5 and up, it is a fun romp where the brightness and color match well with Polacco’s storytelling. In many of her tales, events are rather mellow, but this is one of her few stories where events seem to get out of control for the two main characters, but it is all in great fun, and of course, all ends well.


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