Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

When Mercer Mayer created his Little Critter, he created a character that would be beloved by children for years. Simple little stories with the occasional message can be found in these children’s books, and Mayer always does his own illustrating of the fuzzy little creature and all his silly escapades. Kids never fail to have a great time while reading these or being read to, because how can you not have fun when Little Critter is around?

When the holidays roll around, it is time to get out Merry Christmas Mom and Dad from the Little Critter series. Since Little Critter celebrates Christmas, he knows it is time for him to be useful and help do all sorts of things. He plans on getting his parents a present, he wants to wrap it, he wants to help put up lights, and he wants to do all sorts of other things too.

However, every time Little Critter plans on doing one thing, something else always seems to go wrong. He forgot to buy his parents gifts because there were so many toys to look at when he was out shopping. He had trouble wrapping up a package because the tape was just too darned sticky. He couldn’t put up the tree lights because they were just too tangled up (though even parents will agree that’s

a perfectly legitimate explanation!). Merry Christmas Mom and Dad puts everyone’s favorite critter into some silly situations, but ends happily as always.

Children that are infants and up will have a good time when reading Merry Christmas Mom and Dad. The story uses short phrases that easily get across Little Critter’s desires as well as his plights, many of which kids will giggle at or relate to, and parents will enjoy watching their kids have fun and perhaps be reminded of a few Christmas mishaps of their own. Mayer’s illustrations are always funny and full of color and life as Little Critter tries this and that, bungling his way through situations. And as with any Little Critter book, be sure to look out for a few of his tiny friends, such as the spider and a grasshopper!

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad

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