Me Too!

Mercer Mayer began writing over forty years ago. For forty years he has created numerous children’s books, many of them of the Little Critter series. The lovable character has since gotten into trouble, learned to take care of a puppy, lent a helpi

ng hand, and done so much

more. Illustrations light up every page, each one also done by Mayer. These books are favorites of children across the country, found in schools, libraries, and of course, homes. Me Too! features Little Critter and his little sister. He’s handled her while she was a

baby, but now she’s grown up enough that she wants to start trying out things just like her big brother. Every time Little Critter does something, she cries about wanting to do it too. If he decides to eat a piece of cake, she wants some. If he wants to ride his skateboard, she wants to ride on it as well. If he goes to play with his friends, she wants to come along. Is there anything that little

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sister doesn’t want? He isn’t so sure. Then one day the tables turn. When she has something, she decides to let her big brother in on the fun, such as a big piece of candy. Maybe she’s growing up after all and won’t be crying Me Too! all the time. Siblings are quite likely to be able to relate to this tale! When young kids with brothers and sisters have to deal with one another, they may see themselves in Little Critter’s situation. Parents can use it to give kids a glimpse at the future (everyone learning to share), but even without any siblings, it’s a fun story that can lead to some laughs and plenty of smiles. As usual, Mayer’s illustrations take the stage, complete with Little Critter’s disgruntled looks as he obliges his sister. And kids always enjoy looking for the other little critters – such as the tiny mouse! Me Too! is a great read aloud for young

children and can double as a practice reading book. Be prepared to take this off the shelf again and again. Me Too!

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