Little Oink

If you ask a kid what is one of their least favorite things to do most will reply cleaning up. Nearly all parents engage in the age old problem of getting their kids to clean up after themselves on a daily basis. Whether being asked to put away toys, wash dishes or take a bath, kids don’t want to be bothered with cleaning. So what could be better than a book about making a mess?

In the book Little Oink, the main character is a young pig who likes to be dirt free. He should be every parent’s dream but this is a story about a pig after all. Little Oink’s parents want him to be messy just like they are. But, he enjoys being neat and orderly. While most parents have to remind their kids to put away their books or not to leave crumbs on the floor, the main characters piggy parents are always reminding him to make a mess. Like a good piggy he does as his parents ask but in his heart he wants to be clean.

Young readers will enjoy taking this journey through a world opposite their own. A great story to read aloud to a group of preschool children the crazy, mixed up situations will certainly illicit laughs from them all. Many children’s texts use overly simplistic language. Little Oink will keep children interested with the rhythmic verses and introduce new vocabulary words to young readers.

The illustrations are bright and simple and bound off the page against a stark white page. They seem to reflect the young pigs own personality. Also to be enjoyed by fans of Little Oink are two other books by the same author and illustrator team. Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace teamed up to write Little Pea and Little Hoot. Both of those picture books have similar themes reversing the parent/child priorities. Whether neatnik or messy themselves children and adults are sure to enjoy this tale and will also get a glimpse into each other’s point of view by laughing along with Little Oink and his predicament.

Little Oink


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