Little Critter at Scout Camp

Mercer Mayer has been writing childrens books for decades, and with each and every one he lovingly illustrates the pages with intricate detail

and beautiful color. Kids everywhere clamor for Mayer’s book, especially for his Little Critter series. L

ittle Critter is the embodiment of all sorts of children who want to help their parents, who play soccer, who want to stay up late, who have to visit the dentist, and who tend to get into a bit of trouble. Sometimes though, they will feel just like Little Critter at Scout Camp.

Little Critter, like any kid, is excited about going to Scout Camp. There are a

lot of things to do there,

and so much to learn! But in typical Little Critter fashion, he tends to get into a few problems here and there. Canoeing isn’t quite as easy as it looks. Crafts can be a bit confusing at times. After a while, Little Critter does start to miss his house and his mom and dad. He’s getting a little homesick. To make matters worse, he gets lost in the woods! A lot of things seem to be going wrong at camp, but Little Critter’s a brave boy and he always manages to make the best of things.

Little Critter at Scout Camp can be a great read for any kids who are leaving their families for an extended period, such as going to a summer camp of their own or even on a long weekend with friends. Some kids may feel nervous, but using this little guy as an example can quickly make them feel better. It’s hard not to feel good when he is around! Mayer puts the little guy through a few sticky situations, but he always comes out all right and there are plenty of giggles and smiles along the way. Kids all around him have a fun time, and of course there’s always spider and grasshopper along to keep Critter company! Kids will have a blast looking for those two.

Little Critter at Scout Camp is a good choice for kids that are 3 and up.

Little Critter at Scout Camp

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