Lilly’s Chocolate Heart

When Kevin Henkes creates childrens books, it is as though he has taken real fun and wrapped it up into the pages of a book where his story and illustrations let it shine through. He is most well-known for his entertaining mice characters, whose silly antics and surprising revelations about themselves and others are always a joy to read.

Kids who have read other books involving Lilly will be excited to see her in yet another brief tale. In Lilly’s Chocolate Heart, she gets to experience the delights of Valentine’s Day, and all the delicious candies that can come with it. After a fun day, she only has one tasty chocolate heart left, but what should she do with it? She’s very fond of her delicious treat. She takes her time, looking for all the different places that she might be able to hide it. Perhaps she will save it forever and ever – after all, it is her last one and that makes it extra special. But eventually, she realizes that there really is only one thing that a mouse can do when it comes to handling her very last chocolate heart. Eat it!

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart is a tasty little morsel that kids will have great fun reading on Valentine’s Day, or any time of the year. This book is intended for kids who are infants or in preschool, as its board book format makes it easier for their little hands to handle, as well as giving it more durability in order to last for many more years than other book formats.

Once again, Lilly takes the stage, prancing around in her quaint little costumes, such as her pink gown and green slippers. As usual, she wears her golden crown upon her white mouse head and her tiny tail is complete with its equally tiny red bow. Lilly’s Chocolate Heart is filled with Henkes’s masterful illustrations, done in sweeping watercolors and tints and shades that will catch the eye of any child looking for a bright, wonderful time. A great book to buy with it’s other treat-filled counterparts, such as Julius’s Candy Corn.

Lilly’s Chocolate Heart

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