Lilly’s Big Day

Knowing some of the important roles kids play in their families and among friends, Kevin Henkes demonstrates some of them with his engaging little creations; a handful of mice. Each of them has graced his pages in a unique story and illustrated with

Henkes’s own hand in bright colors and neat outfits.

Many children will remember this mouse from Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. Now, she returns in Lilly’s Big Day. Her teacher, Mr. Slinger, is getting married. What exciting news! Lilly wants to be a big part of the wedding, because she’s very important and ought to be front and center on such an occasion. But instead, Mr. Slinger only asks her to be the flower girl. Throughout the story, readers get to see Lilly in an excited state, telling anyone who will listen that weddings simply cannot happen without the flower girl, to being disappointed she does not have a more important part. But in the end, she has a good time and readers will too.

Henkes uses simple prose to deliver the story of Lilly’s Big Day, which makes this book great for reading aloud or even for kids who are just learning to read on their own. Meant for kids ages 3 to 8, they will have a ball watching Lilly run around on the pages in her cute little crown and colorful dress, cowboy boots, and then flipping flowers. There are entire pages dedicated just to Lilly (and she wouldn’t have it any other way!) showing just

how she plans to hold her bouquet and walk down the isle.

Lilly’s Big Day is a bright story with equally bright illustrations. It is childrens

books like this one that catch and hold kids’ imaginations, drawing them into a world of mice for a moment in time, and showing them a range of emotions that they too may experience at some point in their lives. Kids may be able to relate to some of Lilly’s frustrations and understand how to handle them just as she eventually does.

With plenty to say wrapped up in a fun, mousey story, Henkes has made a classic tale that kids will adore for years to come.

Lilly’s Big Day

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