Koala Lou

We live in an increasingly busy world, and parents who are constantly working or getting things done do not often realize that they forget to

give their children the time that they need, or to say the words that their children need to hear. Author Mem Fox has been creating amazing picture books for children for a number of years, and has become known as one of the best Australian writers in the world of children’s literature. In one tale about a koala and her mother, she reiterates the point that all parents need to remember to tell their children that they love them, and that

all children need to learn that parents will always love

their children, even if they forget to say it.

The story of Koala Lou is all about a little koala by the same name. She is loved by everyone around, but her mother loves her the most and constantly tells her so. The family gets larger and the mother starts to get very busy. Due to the busy schedule, she forgets to tell her daughter how much she loves her. But her little girl didn’t forget that her mother used to say those words, and she longs to hear them again, so she decides if she win the Bush Olympics, she’ll earn her mother’s attention and will hear those coveted words again. In the end, she learns that no matter what she does, and no matter whether her mother remembers to say it or not, her mother will always love her.

The story of Koala Lou is written in beautiful rhyme and is backed up by Pamela Loft’s amazing colored pencil drawings, which truly bring the Australian fauna and flora to life on paper. This tale is marketed as being for children between the ages of 4 and 8, but it can be read to children of all ages, and can be a great beginner readers book s as well. It helps parents to remember to slow down and to tell their children how they feel, and it helps children to know that their parents will always love them.

Koala Lou


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