Kiss Me, I’m Perfect

Kiss Me, I’m Perfect is a book that celebrates the agony of being an embarrassed youngster. It is one of Robert Munsch’s childrens books that looks at conformity and the agony of not fitting in and turns it into something entertaining. If, as a parent, you’ve never experienced this situation, it can also be an eye-opener to the stresses and trauma that may be presented to your child as they struggle with growing up each day. Everyone can relate to getting a present they don’t like. Lacey is the unfortunate recipient in this story and the present in question is a shirt from Grandma that

says, “Kiss Me, I’m Perfect.” Intending never to wear the uncool t-shirt, Lacey tries to forget it. But when she runs out of clean clothes, what is she to do? She argues with her mother who says, “I would wash your clothes if I could find your clothes.” So, she is forced to don her most dreaded article of clothing. She really didn’t want to wear it because she was afraid of what people would say, but, she was left with no choice. Kiss Me, I’m Perfect looks at conformity from the eyes of a child. Naturally, everyone wants to fit in

with their peers. Lacey is afraid everyone will mock her shirt. But, this heartwarming tale makes it OK to take a risk. On her way to school, she finds a sympathetic moose, cow, skunk, cat, dog, among others who think her shirt is just delightful! So delightful, in fact, that they smother her with kisses. The t-shirt ends up not being so bad, after all. Maybe it will be OK with her friends at school, too. Sometimes you just have to take chances and be who you are. As in many of Munsch’s books, the illustrations in Kiss Me, I’m Perfect are done by Michael Martchenko in his cartoonish watercolor style. They help tell the story and turn what could be Lacey’s most dreaded day at school to her best day ever. It’s nice to have friends who can understand and appreciate you for who you are.

Kiss Me, I’m Perfect

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