Kiss Kiss

Kiss Kiss is the adorable story of a baby hippo who is in such a hurry to go out and play that he forgets to kiss his mama goodbye. Even though she calls for him to come back, he ignores her words in his haste. Once he’s out with the other animals, he hears the other babies leaving kisses for their mothers as they go to out to play. The sounds are a reminder of what he’s forgotten to do, and he hurries back to remedy the situation. The realization of his mistake makes this a tale of love and caring. Author Margaret Wilde takes her experiences living in South Africa and Australia and turns them into award-winning books for kids. Kiss Kiss is no exception. Who doesn’t understand the relationship between mothers and their children? This story will help children relate to animals in a whole new way. Wilde’s ability to connect with small kids makes this book a good choice for the preschool set. The small amount of text per page makes it the ideal book for classroom storytelling. The repetitive text is great for beginning readers. It gives them the ability to learn through alliteration and memorization. The story is beautifully illustrated with vibrant photos and a variety of cutely drawn animals. Their sweet faces and endearing expressions will make your child want to read the book over and over. The textures and colors bring the jungle to life as children experience the day with baby Hippo. The attention to detail will draw your child in and have them pointing out all the excitement of the jungle. The illustrations are the work of Bridgette Strevens-Marzo. She is a well-educated artist and teacher that not only illustrates, but writes her own childrens books as well. Kiss Kiss is a story that any mother will love. Consider it for Valentine’s or Mother’s Day as a gift to warm the heart and remind someone of the special bond between mother and child. It’s sure to become a classic in your home that you can read to your toddler until the day that they can read it to

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Kiss Kiss


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