Just So Thankful

Mercer Mayer is a well-known name in the world of childrens books. His various titles have always been on the shelves of schools and libraries, as well as in families’ homes. However, it is his Little Critter series that often gives him most notice. With well over thirty books written with the little guy, Mercer Mayer has created a classic character that kid everywhere can relate to in many different ways.

Just So Thankful is a great book for the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving.

At first, Little Critter isn’t so happy. There are so many cool things he wants, but his family just won’t buy them for him. Why can’t he have a Super Streak scooter or a cell phone? Less than pleased, Little Critter sulks until a new kid moves into town. This kid has everything Little Critter has ever wanted – or could want! So when he gets to play at his new friend’s house, it’s a blast! Eventually with a bit of nudging by mom, Little Critter invites the boy over to his house. He doesn’t think it’s as great as the boy’s since he doesn’t have a bunch of cool toys. But the boy has a wonderful time with the things Critter has that he doesn’t. A dog, a sister, and a big, loving family.

Little Critter realizes in the end that toys aren’t everything and learns to appreciate what he does have – a family.

Just So Thankful has a great little message for kids wrapped up in a fun story about friendship and love. Mayer gives each page a wonderful illustration to show Little Critter’s frustration, fun times with the boy, and a moment he has with his entire family and discovers how special they are. As usual, each page also has a few extra creatures that kids will love taking the time to search out.

Just So Thankful also includes Thank You cards at the end of the book that kids can remove and send to friends or family members to show appreciation for anything they like. This makes it a great choice for kids ages 3 and up.

Just So Thankful

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