Just Shopping with Mom

Ever since 1975, Little Critter has been a favorite among children everywhere. Mercer Mayer created a character that has become well-loved and remembered over the years. Adults who used to read these books now read them to their children. Kids can easily relate to many of Little Critter’s stories, from his fun play times to when he gets into trouble or makes messes. Parents will easily see some of their kids in Little Critter, and Mayer’s illustrations always have plenty of amusing things happening in them to cause plenty of giggles and elicit endless smiles.

Just Shopping with Mom is another fun outing with not just Little Critter and his mother this time, but also his little sister and younger brother. It’s a whole shopping excursion! Except little sister is being kind of a pest. She keeps on pulling groceries off the shelves and cries when she doesn’t get what she wants. And then she keeps wandering away and getting lost! Of course, Little Critter tries to be helpful, but there is only so much he can do. Eventually, it’s up to mom to figure out how to get everyone in line, and there’s a happy ending for all – complete with ice cream!

Mercer Mayer’s children’s books have been around for many years and kids always love to see just what Little Critter will get into next. There are always goofy hijinks to see and full color illustrations to look at. Mayer’s watercolors are joyful and bright, and kids can see most of the Critter family in action. The youngest of them all is particularly cute in his little diaper, which might remind a few adult readers of when Little Critter was just a youngster himself.

Linger on each page so kids have the chance to take in the scenes and look for the mouse that always hangs out with Little Critter. Infants, preschoolers, and even kids as old as 6 can enjoy Just Shopping with Mom, and perhaps be a bit better behaved the next time they have their own moment of Just Shopping with Mom!

Just Shopping with Mom

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