Just Plain Fancy

Drawing upon all walks of life, Patricia Polacco knows how to weave a story together that no other author might think of. She brings diversity and acceptance into her pages, moments of selfless acts by characters, and plenty of love. Both writing a

nd illustrating, Polacco delivers fun childrens books to young readers on a seemingly never ending scale, each one containing a bit of fun, warmth, and always a positive ending.

Just Plain Fancy focuses on the Amish life this time. Living in Pennsylvania, Naomi and Ruth are sisters who have to dress a certain way and live on their family’s farm, living the Amish life. They quite enjoy the way they are; life is simple

and happy. However, Naomi does wish from time to time that she could have just a little something fancy. Then Naomi and Rush discover a strange egg. It certainly isn’t a chicken, and when they sneak it into a hen’s nest to hatch, the emerging bird reveals that it definitely isn’t a chicken!

Though Naomi and Ruth love the bird, they worry that it won’t be accepted by the elders, so they do their best to hide it. They name it Fancy and as it grows, it certainly lives up to its name. The girls think Fancy will be safe, until one day the bird breaks out of the henhouse and shows off its feathers for all to see. Fancy is, in fact, a gorgeous peacock! Naomi and Ruth are worried about what will happy to Fancy, but they are surprised when the elders make a decision they didn’t expect, and they realize that sometimes a bit of fancy is okay.

Just Plain Fancy is a unique story focused on the Amish life, taking a different look at it than most people. The idea of a peacock wandering around an Amish farm will certainly bring a few smiles to some faces, and Polacco’s excellent illustrations give the bird plenty of splendor. She sets her story in the 1700s, giving it a fun, historical style that Polacco does so well. Just Plain Fancy is a great read for kids ages 4 and up.

Just Plain Fancy

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