Just My Friend & Me

Mercer Mayer is well-known for his numerous childrens books. For many years he has written and illustrated well over thirty books featuring his lovable Little Critter character. While no one knows just what he may be or where he came from, what they do know is that he is a Critter and he can be any child’s best friend. Bright illustrations and all sorts of fun details to look at always make Mayer’s tales a treat.

Just My Friend & Me brings another character into the Little Critter world. Today, Little Critter gets to play with his good friend. They are going to have so much fun together! Though things start to happen in ways that Little Critter did not expect. Though he is fond of his friend, when Critter lets him ride his bicycle, he breaks it by accident. When they are playing in the tree house, at one point his friend leaves him in there without the ladder! And after a day of playing with toys, Little Critter’s room is a bit of a mess, and his friend does not help him clean up.

Little Critter is a bit flustered by these things, and even though he’s still friends, he realizes that sometimes playing alone is not such a bad idea after all.

As usual, Mayer’s Just My Friend & Me provides a cute story that will have kids giggling all the way through. Readers will feel a bit sorry for Little Critter, who just can’t jump as much jump rope as his friend or hit the baseball as far. The illustrations are always fun to look at, with Little Critter’s facial expressions always able to bring smiles to readers’ faces. And of course, there are a few of Little Critter’s tiny friends to look out for on the pages, so kids should keep their eyes peeled!

The ending even has a tiny little twist that will have kids and parents alike saying “Uh oh!” when they see just what Critter’s little sister intends to do. Just My Friend & Me is great for young children in preschool or even a little older.

Just My Friend & Me

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