Just Me and My Puppy

Mercer Mayer has written dozens and dozens of Little Critter books, and they have always held a certain charm with parents and kids alike. Little Critter himself holds a place in readers’ hearts, and just when you didn’t think his books could get any better, Mayer decided it was time for Little Critter to get an extra special friend. A puppy!

A little gray shaggy-eared dog is just what Little Critter got in Just Me and My Puppy. His parents agree that he can keep it as long as he takes care of it. He believes that he can, and he tries his hardest to make sure his puppy is healthy, happy, and a great companion. Except it sure is a lot of work to take care of one small dog! He has to feed him, give him water, take him for walks, teach him all sorts of fun tricks, make sure he doesn’t get into

trouble, make sure he doesn’t make any messes in the house…whew! Does it ever end when it comes to taking care of a dog?

Luckily, Little Critter does his very best and his parents know it. The doggy can stay, and in the end, despite how much work it may be, Little Critter knows there isn’t anything like having a good dog to curl up with you at night.

Just Me and My Puppy is a great choice by parents seeking to show kids how much work a pet can be. Even if a pet isn’t in the picture, kids will love seeing all the silly things that can happen when a puppy is added to the amusing world of Little Critter. Childrens books like Mercer Mayer’s series are always loads of fun, and his illustrations showcase exactly what some puppies are ready and able to get into, from sloshing bathwater all over to playing in gardens where they shouldn’t be. Of course, the little spider and grasshopper make sure to steer clear of the excitable pooch!

Just Me and My Puppy makes for a fun anytime read with small children.

Just Me and My Puppy

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