Just Me and My Mom

Mercer Mayer found a goldmine the day he created the adorable Little Critter. Unlike anything kids had seen before, Little Critter was a delightful new character who got into a bit of trouble here and there, but often meant well. Throughout all his adventures, his picture books always end with a happy, lovable touch, and Mercer Mayer uses simple phrases and words to get the ideas across, coupling them with unforgettable scenes of Little Critter in all sorts of situations.

On a special day, Little Critter gets to go to the city with his mother. Usually Little Critter is at his house doing things, occasionally playing elsewhere with friends, so a visit to the big city is a neat change. Everything is so huge and fast! But he’s excited to be there, and his mother takes him to so many interesting places. First they try out the museum, but no one is supposed to touch anything there. But a few things are too cool to resist, landing Little Critter in a bit of trouble. So they head off to the aquarium instead. But things don’t go quite right there either. They try out a restaurant, which might have been a good time – if Little Critter hadn’t brought out his pet frog to eat at the table with them!

But despite everything, Little Critter has a good time and his mother still loves him dearly. It’s been a good day overall, and he gets to take a nice bit of rest on the train when they head home.

Just Me and My Mom is a wonderful little story featuring Little Critter and his mother, a great book to read to kids on mother’s day, but also great any other time of the year. Mayer creates fun illustrations to look at, and kids will have a good time looking for the little frog in each picture (instead of the usual mouse and spider!). Infants and preschoolers will giggle and point at the pages, and be excited the next time they get to go out with their mothers just like in Just Me and My Mom.

Just Me and My Mom

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