Just Me and My Little Brother

Starring in hundreds of picture books, Little Critter’s character is well-known throughout the world of children’s literature. His goofy facial expressions, the tag-along mouse, spider, grasshopper, and occasional other creatures, and his big family make him the kind of character kids love to read about over and over again.

He gets into trouble, gets out of trouble, enjoys helping, and has a great time in so many of his stories. Kids and parents delight in reading the simple tales and looking at Mercer Mayer’s chipper illustrations. For those who already knew that Little Critter had a younger sister, now they can read about his younger brother in Just Me and My Little Brother.

When Little Critter imagines all the things he will be able to do with his young sibling, he get so excited! There are so many things they can do together! They can go to the apple orchard to pick apples, and as the big brother, Little Critter can help boost up his baby brother to grab them. They can build snowmen together, share stories, watch movies, throw parties, pretend together, and even go Trick-or-Treating with scary masks! Little Critter is going to have a blast with his tiny bro! They’ll be like two peas in a pod!

Of course, his little sibling has to grow up a little bit first. Learning how to walk is an important step in order to do everything else Little Critter has planned!

Just Me and My Little Brother is great fun for everyone reading it. Mercer Mayer fools readers into thinking any moment Little Critter’s little sibling will come out of the house and they’ll romp off into the sunshine together, when in fact his brother is just a baby! Still, Little Critter’s enthusiasm for his young sibling is contagious, and may just give other kids a few ideas of their own when it comes to the exciting things they can do with their own siblings.

Mayer also creates fun illustrations that showcase all the great things Little Critter has planned, but be ready for giggles at the end when baby brother appears, with his own brief statement of, “Goo!”


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