Just Grandpa and Me

With a never-ending fountain of ideas, Mercer Mayer continues to entertain children and adults alike with his Little Critter series. Over decades, Mayer has created Little Critter books where everyone’s favorite character gets into all sorts of funny situations with his friends and family – and sometimes just on his own!

Today though, it is Just Grandpa and Me. Little Critter needs a new suit – he’s getting to be a big boy! So his grandfather takes him into the city and together the two go on a shopping trip for a new suit, and have all sorts of fun in the process. Little Critter is a smart fella, and he is determined to show his grandfather how savvy he is by making sure to help him out. He holds onto his grandfather’s hand so that he doesn’t get lost, shows him the best way to go through a revolving door, instructs him on how to safely ride the escalators, and even how to use chopsticks when they have lunch at a Chinese restaurant. Yes sir, it’s a good thing Little Critter is with his grandfather on their trip!

Of course, while Little Critter is sure of his street smarts, Grandfather knows better, and with a kind and loving manner that all parents are well versed in, he lets Little Critter show him everything, even if he’s really the one watching out for his grandson.

Just Grandpa and Me is both funny and heartwarming. Great for parents and grandparents to read to young children, they will have a good time watching Little Critter run around doing all sorts of things while his grandfather looks on in amusement. Sometimes Little Critter can get a bit rambunctious like a lot of kids, but his grandfather knows how to handle him. Many families will easily be able to relate to this tale.

Just Grandma and Me also has Mercer Mayer’s famous illustrations. Little Critter runs around in his cute green overalls and even adults will laugh at some of the fun things they do, like sing loudly on the train. Mouse and spider come along too, making this one of the many Little Critter children’s books kids will want on their shelves.

Just Grandpa and Me

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