Just Grandma and Me

Mercer Mayer has written children’s books for over forty years, and for over thirty of them, he’s brought children the entertaining Little Critter series. Featuring a lovable creature with fuzzy hair and blue overalls, Little Critter is just like an

y other child, getting into trouble, having fun, helping his parents,

and playing with his sibling. He’s got a big family and often enjoys their company

– and so do all his readers!

Just Grandma and Me features the lovable Little Critter and his grandmother as they go out for a day of fun together. But where will they go? How about the beach! A toasty day under the sun means a romp in soft sand where Little Critter can make sandcastles, and plenty of excitement in the ocean waves as they

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splash onto the shore. He’s a great helper too, so when Grandma’s hotdog falls on the sand, he washes it off in the ocean for her. He can blow up his inflatable seahorse all by himself too (at least, almost). It’s a great day for everyone though.

Just Grandma and Me is sure to elicit some laughs from kids and smiles from parents. There are plenty of fun and surprises to be had during their beach time, and kids will certainly keep an eye out for the other little joys of Mercer Mayer’s series – the friends that often join Little Critter on his escapades. This time it is the grasshopper and the spider along for the ride. Mayer’s illustrations are always spot on, from the wispy clouds in the sky to the seashells dotting the beach. His watercolors are beautifully done and kept in a bright and chipper style that always makes readers smile.

As like any book in the series, it’s a simple feel-good story with a cozy ending. Kids will enjoy reading Just Grandma and Me with their grandmothers, though parents will do in a pinch. And after seeing all the fun things that Little Critter does, don’t be surprised if the next thing kids ask is if they can go to the beach too!

Just Grandma and Me

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