Just Going to the Dentist

Ever since 1975, Little Critter has been on the scene and on the shelves in kids’ rooms and at bookstores everywhere. He’s a lovable little creature who has all sorts of amusing escapades, loves to help, and has a great time with friends, siblings, and on his own. With a big family and so many things to do, Little Critter’s tales are always filled with neat things and ideas to learn. As Little Critter goes through his journey of being a kid, so too can your children, and everyone can have a great time in the process.

It’s time for a checkup! That’s what Little Critter hears in Just Going to the Dentist. Together, he and his mother hop into the car and motor over to the dentist so Little Critter can get his little teeth looked at. At first, Little Critter has a good time, playing with all the toys and such in the ]waiting area. But when it’s time to go back to face the cleaning itself and sit in the big scary chair, he isn’t so sure anymore. It’s a bit strange to have someone poking around in his mouth, but Little Critter does the best he can. After a day at the dentist office, he learns a few things, and one of them is that going to the dentist isn’t really so bad after all.

As with any other Little Critter book, Just Going to the Dentist both teaches and entertains. Kids who may be afraid of their first dental visit can find this story comforting as they see lost cost levitra Little Critter come out all right (and get a nap at the end!). It is also rather funny as they watch him handle things. Together with Mayer’s illustrations, Just Going to the Dentist is a source for smiles when kids see Little Critter’s facial expressions as well as his buddies, frog and spider, sneaking around the dentist’s office with him.

Children’s books like these are great for preschoolers and up to age 7 and great to read any time of the year – especially during checkup time!

Just Going to the Dentist

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