Just for You

With over forty years of experience writing and illustrating kids’ stories under his belt, Mercer Mayer is well-known for his Little Critter series, among other tales. Heartwarming stories and situations that leave kids with a case of the giggles each and every time, Mercer Mayer knows how to entertain and gives both kids and adults a good reason to always be a fan of reading.

This children’s book is the very first one that starred the now famous Little Critter. Here we see him as just a small fellow, without his usual blue or green overalls. Readers get to see a side of Little Critter that often pops up again in other stories – his willingness and zeal in helping out. He always wants to help his parents with things. He tries to make eggs for breakfast, but they’re a bit hard to handle and don’t seem to want to stay on the plate. When he tries to dry the dishes for his mother, they’re slippery and fall on the floor. When he tries to mow the lawn, things just get a little bit out of control.

But no matter what mishap Little Critter seems to get himself into, his parents are always there to help him out and make sure he doesn’t get hurt. They appreciate his effort, and at the very end of the book, readers get to see Little Critter excel in doing at least one thing by bedtime, and watch as he says to the world, “And I did it.”

Just for You is Little Critter’s debut, and shouldn’t be missed by those who are fans of his other books. Kids and parents can’t help but have fun reading about all the things he tries to do, and

all the ways they can go wrong – sometimes in a very surprising and silly manner. Mayer always fills his pages with full color illustrations that are tons of fun, from soapy bubbles all over the floor to the expressive faces that Little Critter makes throughout the story. He’s so adorable, it’s impossible not to love the little guy. A great read for infants and preschoolers (and maybe a little older just for fun).

Just for You

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