Just a Snowy Day

Mercer Mayer has entertained children for over thirty years with his Little Critter books. He both writes and illustrates them, using simple sentences and delightful pictures full of fun and funny images. Little Critter has been a popular character ever since his creation in 1975. Now, people who once read these books as kids have come back and now read them to their children. Little Critter’s escapades are entertaining for everyone involved, no matter what age you might be!

Just a Snowy Day delivers another fun day full of the white fluffy stuff to Little Critter. There is a lot to do when there’s nothing but snow all around your house! He gets to go ice skating over a frozen lake. He can go sledding down a steep hill. It’s fun and exciting, and when he is finally done for the day, Little Critter goes inside and sips on a delicious mug of hot chocolate his mom makes for him. It’s a perfect day, and one that kids all over will envy.

Of course, kids do get to play with Little Critter a bit. This children’s book is interactive, available in hardcover to give it a longer shelf life. Inside, there are many things for kids to touch and do, such as pull on tabs to help Little Critter sled down the hill and another to open a

side of Little Critter’s coat so kids can feel how fuzzy it is. Aside from tabs, there are also flaps to open that will reveal fun things, a wheel to turn, and many touch-and-feel items with varying textures that kids will enjoy. The interactivity of this book will catch the interest of infants and preschoolers alike, and parents will have a good time showing them all the different things this story has to offer.

This is the type of books kids will want to read again and again. Mayer’s illustrations make it just that much more enjoyable; all the colors are bright, the story is simple and cute, and of course there are the few extra critters that follow after Little Critter through the snow.

Just a Snowy Day

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