Just a Snowman

When Little Critter comes out to play, kids are excited to join him. Mercer Mayer’s delightful creation has entertained kids for over thirty years, with

his antics inside the house, with his parents, playing with friends, but most of the time just being on his own and getting into a bit of trouble. Whatever the case, everyone always loves him and kids are always eager to see what his next adventure might be.

Today it happens to be a snow day. And what kid doesn’t love a good snow day? Snow days mean snow angels and snowball fights and some good old fashioned

romping in the white powdery fluff!

But what does Little Critter want to do most? Why build a snowman of course! Just a Snowman is Little Critter’s attempt to build one despite everyone else’s requests bumping into his path. Little Sister needs his help to put on her boots. His dad wants him to help shovel snow away. Just when Little Critter thinks he has a bit of free time to start, someone else wants his help or to play! Gator wants to build a fort. Friends want to go sledding. Will Little Critter canadian pharmacy ever get to build his snowman?

Of course, readers will all know the answer to that! This children’s book provides endless amounts of fun to any day – especially when winter rolls around! Little Critter is accompanied by all sorts of friends and family today. He also has his trusty cat and dog cialisonline-certifiedtop.com with him (and a mouse and the spider!). Mayer’s illustrations are enjoyable as always, with his happy watercolors evoking emotions of fun times in loads of snow. Kids will also have fun looking at all the additional details, such as the less-than-enthusiastic on some animals’ faces when dealing with all the snow, such as a little bird outside with snow on his head! Then phd pharmacy programs in canada there are always the Critters themselves, such as Little Sister’s expression when her big brother helps put on her hat canadian pharmacy online (she can’t see!).

Young kids will have a great time when parents read this story to them, and also when they learn to read it themselves. It will make everyone wish for a snow day of their own!

Just a Snowman

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