Just a Mess

Mercer Mayer knows how to peek into the lives of kids and bring their stories to the forefront with his Little Critter series. Everyone’s favorite character, Little Critter gets into all sorts of goofy situations and the occasional bit

of trouble that always ends with a smile and

entertains kids the entire way through. Mayer not only writes the stories, but he also illustrates them and has done so for many years. Kids everywhere hope to see plenty more Little Critter books in the years ahead. Just a Mess appropriately names this Little Critter tale. Little Critter wants to find his baseball mitt. It should be an easy task. There is just one small problem. His room is a complete disaster! There are toys and games everywhere! How will he ever find his baseball mitt in such a pileup? The answer is that he must clean his room. But where can he put all

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these things? There is so much stuff! He tries a few different methods before finally deciding on a quick and easy (at least, sort of easy) method. Plenty of laughs can be had while reading Just a Mess. Who would have thought that one Little Critter could have so much stuff? Mayer gives kids a hilarious look at what happens when a room becomes neglected for too long. His attempts to clean it are just as amusing, and kids will laugh and point at the pages where Critter takes a few drastic measures to get his room clean. Mayer, as always, has illustrations that tickle readers pink, with bright watercolors and goofy expressions on Little Critter’s face. The amount of detail is wonderful, and we can see all the individual things that Critter has to clean up, from little blue sailboats to cuddly teddy bears, board games with tiny pieces to picture books. A great read for young children, it is a story that many kids may be able to relate to (and some parents as well), and makes a wonderful addition to any child’s bookshelf – especially if he or she enjoys other Little Critter books!

Just a Mess

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