Just a Little Critter Collection

The Little Critter series has always been where can i buy furosemide online a favorite among children. Mercer Mayer may not have known how well his adorable character would fare, but since his creation, it has been a huge hit. Simple stories combined with adorable illustrations and always with little things to fine (such as mice, frogs, and spider characters) are enjoyed by both parents and kids alike, and will for years to come.

For kids who love these tales, the Just a Little Critter Collection is the way to go. There are seven different stories all in one place for your youngster to listen to or read on their own, and all of them are fun and funny. It gives kids 176 pages of fun with many different stories.

Just for You is one of the first books that starred the Little Critter where he tries to be helpful.

When I Get Bigger shows everyone’s favorite character talking about what he plans on doing when he gets older. I Was So Mad is a story about a time when he got very angry and thought about running away. All By Myself shows what he can do when he tries his hardest. Just Go to Bed is one many parents can relate to, in which the little guy does everything he can to stay up just a little bit later. Just a Mess is one of those tales in which everything seems to go wrong. The final story is I Just Forgot in which Critter tends to forget a few things even though he manages to remember others.

It is a truly enjoyable romp with Mayer’s cute creature, and kids will love every moment they get to spend with this children’s book. Mayer’s illustrations inspire smiles and laughter on almost every page, and both parents and children will see themselves in one or more of these stories. After reading, everyone can take time looking for the sneaky little spider, the sly mouse, or the happy frog that tend to always follow Critter along. Great for infants, preschoolers, and even kids who are a bit older, this collection of stories is a great way to have many favorites in one place.

Just a Little Critter Collection

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