Julius, the Baby of the World

Kevin Henkes is well known for his delightful romps involving mice. Little mice characters scamper through the pages much like humans would, displaying the same traits, likes, and dislikes as most kids and their families. Except as

mice, the characters get to have a few extra fun times that humans don’t get to experience – such as how many things are much bigger! In Julius, the Baby of the World, kids get to visit with the famous Lilly once again. Except this time the little mouse gets to be a big sister! Fantastic! Maybe. Once her little brother is born, Lilly is not so sure she wants to have him around anymore. After all, he is getting too much attention and no one seems to want to know what Lilly is doing anymore. She decides

that her baby brother isn’t any good and that her parents ought to get rid of him. In fact, all her antics leave her sitting in the time-out chair for an annoying amount of time. When her parents decide to throw a party for little Julius, one of Lilly’s cousins comes over with the rest of the family. Cousin Garland ought to be just the person Lilly needs on her side, but when Garland makes fun of Julius, Lilly isn’t pleased. Instead, she makes Garland announce to everyone the truth. He is Julius, the Baby of

the World! Chlidren’s books like Henkes’s are always welcome in the kid world.

His stories and illustrations always promise a good time. For children ages 3 to 8, Julius, the Baby of the World shows kids a little bit of sibling rivalry in a sweet way, one that they may be able to relate to and that parents can get behind. But it is a funny story through and through, and will have kids giggling as every page turns. Lilly’s escapades can get quite silly, and kids will appreciate her sudden turnaround when Cousin Garland has something to say about her baby brother. Available in hardcover, kids can also enjoy this title as an audio book. No matter what format kids choose, they’ll have a great time with this book.

Julius, the Baby of the World

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