Julius’s Candy Corn

Kevin Henkes has mice on the brain! And with all his adorable books involving them, so will your kids. His mice characters are always ready to please; enjoying candy, romping with friends, and just having a good time. Henkes also does his own illu

strations, so each and every page is filled with his skill and eye for colors kids love and a style that always brings smiles to faces.

Some kids may remember Julius from his time in other books such as Julius, Baby of the World. He is the younger brother of Lilly (famous for her purple plastic purse), and ready to have a book of his own. In Julius’s Candy Corn, he is all set for Halloween! It is time for a fantastic Hallowen party full of fun, friends, and food. He’s all dressed up in his adorable little clown costume, complete with a fuzzy ball on the top of his hat and a red ball for his nose. He makes a wonderful clown. Before the party starts, he decides to take a look at the cupcakes (just to admire them). He can’t eat them, but counting is fine. Each cupcake

has a sugary candy corn on top and he plans

on counting. Except each one counted ends up in his mouth!

Picture books by Kevin Henkes are always cause for laughter and fun. He uses simple phrases and creates bright pictures that kids at young ages have a good time reading with mom and dad. Kids can all relate to the idea of being faced with delicious treats but not being allowed to eat them at that moment in time. It’s a funny little story that will have kids giggling as they watch Julius sneak the little candies into his mouth, indulging in their sugary sweetness as he counts each one. They’ll love his clown costume and all the bright decorations for the party.

Infants and preschoolers are the target audience for Julius’s Candy Corn. It’s a great choice for the Halloween holiday, but can still be just as good during the fall season when candy corns rise in popularity.

Julius’s Candy Corn

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