Jubal’s Wish

For years the Wood family – Audrery, Don, and their son Bruce – have brought picture books to kids everywhere. Their fun stories and stunning artwork engage and delight kids. Parents are often happy to read them because many of their books not only entertain, but they can also teach. From the alphabet to counting, the Wood family knows how to make imaginative tales that deliver a bit of education in the process. Sometimes though, their books have a lovely story that is just meant to make people happy.

It is a beautiful day and Jubal Bullfrog is excited to see the sun out, shining away in the sky and everything around him happy and green. He’s so excited, he’s got a picnic all set up and he wants to share his tasty food and this day with all of his friends. Except there is a bit of a problem. His friends aren’t as perky as he is. Gerdy Toad is feeling grumpy because he is so busy. He can’t come to the picnic. Dalbert Lizard is feeling sad and unhappy. The little bullfrog is running out of friends to picnic with! He doesn’t know what to do, until something magical happens. He gets one wish, and with his wish, everything ends happily – just as he hoped it would in the first place!

Jubal’s Wish is an interesting and whimsical tale that the whole family will enjoy reading out loud. It’s full of sunshine, happiness, and even a little magic. Before the end comes around, the book takes a surprising little twist that kids won’t see coming, but it all ends well so there are no worries.

As usual, Don Wood’s illustrations are vivid and delightful. Kids can have fun hopping along with the bullfrog as he carries around his picnic basket, complete with checkered blanket. Colors are rich with a setting full of flowers and foliage. There is a lot for kids to look at, so be prepared to linger on the pages. The joy in Jubal’s Wish is contagious, and it makes for the perfect read on sunny days or even at picnic outings!

Jubal’s Wish


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