Though mostly known for his mousey companions, Kevin Henkes occasionally ventures outside the realm of Lilly and his other mice characters to create a fun story without them. Combining his writing skills and his illustration skills, Henkes makes an entertaining children’s book that amuse and even inspire kids as they read it.

Ruthie has a good friend named Jessica. There is one important thing about Ruthie’s friend though – only Ruthie can see her! They go everywhere together and do everything together. They play with each other, they eat with viagra use of one online cialis another, and they have a great time when they are in each other’s company. Ruthie’s parents insist that her friend does not exist, but Ruthie knows better. After all, her best friend is even sad when Ruthie gets into trouble!

Now it is time for Ruthie to go to school. She intends for her friend to go with her. And why not? But while Ruthie gets ready, her parents have a different idea in mind. They hope that with the start of school, Ruthie will be able to find a real friend (one who isn’t imaginary!). Much to everyone’s delight, Ruthie does indeed find a girl to be friends with. And what luck – she even has the same name!

Of course, it would not be a Kevin Henkes book without his trademark illustrations! Adorable little Ruthie marches around with her imaginary friend over grassy fields dotted with little flowers and through her house and her room with all sorts of fun details. Henkes uses bright colors done in watercolor and outlined in ink to show off Ruthie and her friend’s escapades, whether it’s in a red wagon or jumping rope.

Henkes makes sure to keep this tale upbeat, giving readers plenty of reasons to see why Ruthie has her imaginary friend and why she loves her so. The story is simple and ends in a win-win situation for everybody involved. Kids ages 4 and up will like viagra generic the friendship involved and many will be able to relate to does viagra work on dogs having a friend that no one else can see. It can be an inspiring book and let children know the merits of true friendship.


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