Jeremy Draws a Monster

Crayons, markers, and pens all seem to hold a magical power. You never know what might happen when ink meets paper. Peter McCarty has now put his skills of illustration and writing onto sheets of paper and what happened? He created Jeremy Draws a Monster, the story of a boy whose own escapades with a blue pen have created a bit of chaos—and of course, a big monster.

Alone in his room one night, Jeremy decides to amuse himself and uses his blue pen to draw, quickly conjuring up the spiky, pointy-toothed beast. But this creature isn’t exactly friendly. Instead, it demands all sorts of things from little Jeremy, like food, a hat to go out in, and later on Jeremy’s bed! Life isn’t exactly fun with this blue ogre around, and finally enough is enough. With the power of his blue pen, he draws a bus ticket and sends the monster on his way. Far, far away. But what will Jeremy do now that the monster is gone?

Peter McCarty illustrates an unusual tale, one with unique consequences and a positive ending. Jeremy Draws a Monster relies upon the white space on the pages to draw our eyes even more to the brightness of the blue creature and Jeremy’s little pink person. Some childrens books can feel empty with all this whiteness, but McCarty uses it with such skill that it only enhances the power of the book. The monster even has an interesting pattern all over his body, notwithstanding the fact that he’s quite the character in shape and attitude!

For ages 3-6, it’s a good story to read before bed, where monsters aren’t scary, but simply annoying, and where they don’t hide in the closet, but can be sent away by the very person who made them. Jeremy Draws a Monster even shows kids the benefits of real friendship. There is plenty to like in this title—don’t be too surprised to find out that one of a child’s favorite parts of the book actually turns out to be the least likely character of all. The monster!

Jeremy Draws a Monster

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